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Things You Shouldn’t Do in an HCG Diet

In everything that we do, there are always rules and limitations that act as our guide for us not to commit mistakes or not achieve an unwanted result. This is also the same with the programs that we engaged in when we are trying to achieve a goal pertaining to our weight. Oral HCG is one of the many effective ways on how we can reduce our weight and get to our target but it is not just merely a diet that should be taken in and then we don’t have to do anything. There are things that should be done after you have purchased an HCG already, but there are also that shouldn’t be done which can be really beneficial when being followed properly.

· Do not disregard eating a lot of food before the HCG diet proper. You should fill yourself with lots of food so that you will be able to have the energy right before you will come with the diet proper wherein you will have to put the fifteen drops of oral HCG under your tongue and count every calorie that you take in which should not exceed above five hundred calories.

· Do not engage into the HCG diet if you are below eighteen years old. Only adults can acquire HCG and use it as their way into reducing weight and they themselves even need to consult a doctor before incorporating this kind of diet into their system.

· Do not think that after the HCG is already in your hands, you can use it as long as you want. There are HCG programs which can suit you the best. There are programs which have their corresponding number of days wherein you will have to follow and take oral HCG drops. It always depends on you if how many days you can use HCG but there are specific number of days. After you are done with the weight reduction program, you can just then maintain your weight by following the program’s advice to you.

· Do not lose focus. Pay attention to your goal, it is what’s most important whenever you are in a program which is helping you lose those extra pounds. It doesn’t even matter if it’s another system of weight reducing ways, but you should have the focus and strive to do the right things and know what you must not do whenever you are in a diet like HCG. With this attitude, you will get the results that you have been wanting.


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